Special Programs

In Adoptions, we help patrons find the perfect companion by listening with compassion to their preferences and desires, and offering guidance in choosing an appropriate pet.

The Working-Cat Program

Cats that have histories and temperaments better suited to an outdoor lifestyle can be successfully placed with caring owners as working cats. These cats may live in a barn, stable or other outdoor setting where they have a “job” and a better quality of life. Some working cats are social and well-suited to a life lived outdoors or as companions to horses, making them a great addition to a variety of rural households. Others are less social and live to hunt. Tell us the type of cat you’re looking for, and we’ll find the perfect match. All working cats receive spay/neuter surgery, a microchip ID, age-appropriate vaccinations and a rabies vaccination. Learn More.

The Foster Friends Adoption Program

Foster Friends is a program that allows cats and dogs a chance to be adopted through a foster home. Some animals experience unusual levels of stress in the shelter environment. This can be a result of the sheer number of people present, discomfort from being around so many other animals, or from the many scents and sounds that are present in shelters. Most animals handle these stressors well and are quite comfortable in a shelter environment, while others exhibit signs of fear and anxiety. No shelter can provide the same benefits that a home does, like quieter surroundings, routine walks, chasing a ball or snuggling up to a person. The Foster Friends program will allow shelter animals a chance to experience all the benefits of a private home while they wait for their own forever home.

To see the pets in foster homes, go to the Adoption page and search the list by the location “Foster Care Resident.”