Lonely Hearts Club

If you have a soft spot for pets that have been passed over, you may find the love of your life in our Lonely Hearts Club. These 12 cats and dogs have been at our shelters the longest—maybe because they’re older, maybe because they don’t stand out or are a little bit shy. But like all of our pets, they’re waiting and hoping for a second chance and a loving home.

We have no set time limit on how long any pet can stay with us—but we’d sure like to see these long-term shelter residents find their forever families. Please, won’t you help turn a lonely heart into a happy heart?

To learn more about our Lonely Hearts Club pets, please click on the pets name or call (303) 751-5772. When you adopt a lonely heart, you'll receive a bag of goodies for your new pet.



CHLOE—ID#A0668029 at Quebec

Do you have a home where you'll only have one kitty? This girl is looking for a home where she can be the only queen of the house. Her previous owner says she was litterbox trained, but blocked the other cat from food, water, and litterbox access. New friends here say she leans into petting and knows how to talk to provide you hints on what she wants. If you have a home for a beautiful girl, please ask for a visit!


KAYLEE—ID#A0671287 at Buddy Center

I'm a beautiful long-hair girl with big eyes! I'm dreaming of a single cat household and no kids under 8! I want to be the soul princess of the house and don't like sharing with other cats. New friends here have found me to be outgoing and reward petting with lots of purrs. Please stop by and ask about my needs!


TULIP—ID#A0670711 at Quebec

It's time to "spring" for a cat (lol)! I'm a beautiful feline Lynx Point named Tulip, and I'm hoping to find a wonderful adopter to help me blossom. I may likely be a little timid when we first meet, but I know that I will warm up in the hands of a loving companion. My new friends here have remarked about my beautiful coat of hair and how I enjoy being brushed. Now that I've planted the seed about adoption, I hope you'll come for a visit soon!


OLIVIA—ID#A0671393 at Quebec

Might I be the queen of your heart? My new friends describe me as "a sweet cat" who loves getting attention. I sure hope my adopter will love playing with me! My previous owner said I did well with other cats, but I would do best in a home without children. Let's meet!


NALA—ID#A0668612 at Quebec

Hello! I'm a pretty kitty looking for my forever home! My previous owner said I was a very sweet cat that liked to cuddle and sit on laps. I would prefer to find a home without other cats. I want to be your only feline friend! And besides, I'm all the cat you'll ever need! Oh, last but not least, I'm a real fan of bird watching (lol--what a surprise!). I hope you'll come meet me sometime soon.


KINSEY—ID#A0341042 at Buddy Center

Are you looking for a cuddly, furry little lover to become the newest addition to your family? Well, look no further! My previous owner says I was very affectionate and just loved everyone that I met. In the past I have really enjoyed toys and playing outside in the garden, provided I am on a leash and under the supervision of my guardian, of course. If that sounds like what you're looking for, come and say hi sometime!


HOLDEN—ID#A0676297 at Buddy Center

I am a neutered male, tan and white Chihuahua - Smooth Coated and Dachshund. The shelter thinks I am about 9 years old. Come visit me today!


GUSTAV—ID#A0657133 at Quebec

As a representative of a breed that enjoys herding, I will be especially pleased when I have "rounded up" the wonderful person who will take me to my forever home! I hope we will get outside together for lots of exercise opportunities: I am a lively fellow, after all! My previous owner said that in the past I was smart and loyal.


BOOMER—ID#A0677321 at Quebec

I can't wait to explore my new household and surroundings with my wonderful adopter! I'm a cute little guy, and my new friends here have said I'm a "good walker" on a leash! I can be shy, but give me some time to get to know you and I hope to steal your heart! If I might be the pet for you, I hope you'll visit today!


SPARKS—ID#A0675617 at Quebec

I'm a cute little guy, and my new friends here have noticed that I enjoy treats, walk well on a leash, and am fond of receiving pats! I may be timid when I first meet you, but my friends say that with a little bit of time and care, I can be very affectionate. I'd do best in a no-child home, where I can feel safe and cherished.


TY—ID#A0677759 at Buddy Center

Expert cuddler seeks loving forever home. My friends say I'm an affectionate little boy who loves to go on leash walks and sit on your lap. My former owner says I'm great with children and may take time to warm up to strangers. I lived with another chihuahua, but may do best in a home without larger dogs. Stop by and visit me!


JUNIOR—ID#A0675857 at Quebec

My new friends here have described me as being a "very sweet boy," who walks well on a leash and enjoys receiving treats (well, who wouldn't?)! My previous owner said that in the past I did well with children and other animals. I am a special pet, and I hope you will come visit me if I might be just the canine companion you have been seeking!