Pet Adoption Stories

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  • Willow is healing broken hearts

    My husband and I adopted Willow in May after we lost our beautiful little girl at 7 months old in April. Willow fit right into our little household immediately, taking up far more than her fair share of the bed her first night home.

    My husband got deployed in August, and Willow has been doing an amazing job of keeping me company and giving me plenty of laughable moments while he’s away. We definitely got a very special addition to our family when we brought Willow home and wouldn’t know what we would do without her. She spends her days lounging on the couch (that she’s not supposed to be on), chasing rabbits out of the yard, hiking the beautiful trails of Colorado and playing at the dog park, and she loves dressing up for the holidays.

    She’s been such an amazing companion and so helpful in our healing process. She currently is going through training to become an emotional support dog for us and progressing through the classes beautifully. Thank you so much for introducing her to us; we certainly wouldn’t be the same without her!

    – Samantha and Mark G., Peyton, Colo.

  • Eggie pays it forward

    I am writing this letter to commend you and show my appreciation for all your hard work. Your efforts have saved the lives of numerous beautiful animals and brightened the lives of many people.

    On Oct. 12, 2015, I adopted Eggie. He was an old dog who was severely neglected and had a lot of medical problems. The Dumb Friends League addressed all his costly medical issues and gave him lots of loving-kindness to heal his broken spirit.

    Eggie is the most wonderful dog I could imagine. We spend almost all day together. He is a working dog with two jobs: Eggie sits with my patients to comfort them during dental procedures, but more importantly, he is a volunteer pet therapy dog at Lutheran Medical Center and Hospice. All the compassion shown to him by the League is being spread to ill and dying patients.

    Thank you for saving Eggie’s life and giving him so much love. He promises to keep paying it forward.

    – Dr. Brian W., Denver, Colo.

  • No more scaredy Sadie

    I adopted my Bella on June 12, 2012; she had been called Sadie, and she was in rough shape when she arrived at the Dumb Friends League. She was still recovering from being spayed and having her right eye and six teeth removed when I brought her home.

    She was scared of thunderstorms, loud noises and was very unsure about men. She didn’t know what on earth to do with a toy! She was all over me from the beginning. I watched the video taken in your visiting room with her rubbing across my face—and that’s about the only thing that hasn’t changed! There are now toys all over my apartment, thunderstorms don’t require me getting under the covers so she can get under blankets and hide, and she’s the best big-sister kitty to my little one (adopted as a kitten after I got Bella … Bella is her entire world!) that I could have ever asked for!

    She has traveled all over the country; she’s been to 11 states and thinks that she’s the queen of the world whenever we stay in a hotel room. She will wake me up in the middle of the night if I start wheezing or coughing, and she won’t leave me alone until I use my inhaler. Her favorite place (besides my lap/legs/arms/chest/back!) is my parents’ lake house because she can sit in the window and watch chipmunks and squirrels all day long.

    Thank you to the Dumb Friends League for giving her the care she needed to get healthy. Thank you to her foster home for loving her for the few days she was with you. She’s happy and healthy and loved.

    – Stefane P., Parker, Colo.