Investigations of neglect & abuse

InvestigationsThe Dumb Friends League provides animal neglect and abuse investigations in the six counties surrounding Denver. Protecting companion animals and horses is an integral part of our mission. Our investigators are state commissioned peace officers under C.R.S. 35-42-107. Investigators are professionals dedicated to resolving animal neglect and abuse.


For concerns regarding barking, licensing, spay/neuter requirements, running at large and vaccinations, please contact your local animal control agency.

What to report

Typical offenses include pets or horses left outside without adequate shelter, food or water. But other problems also need our attention. An animal that appears ill or injured, has a badly matted coat or has been intentionally harmed—all of these situations warrant a closer look by our animal welfare investigators. 

Why report animal abuse?

Even if you aren’t an animal lover, please report animal cruelty. It has far-reaching implications for our society. Studies show that people who intentionally harm animals may be more likely to commit violent crimes towards people. So, by taking the time to report what you observe, you’ll not only be helping the animals involved, you’ll be helping to prevent future crimes and promoting respect for all life. Most reports are resolved through education, assistance, and enforcement; however, when necessary, we can issue a summons and take a case to court.