Lost & Found

Lost & FoundDenver area 

Lost & Found

The Dumb Friends League Quebec Street Shelter in Denver takes in and houses lost cats and small mammals. The shelter does not take in lost dogs, and recommends that anyone who's found a dog during regular business hours take it to the municipal shelter or animal control facility closest to where the dog was found. This improves the dog's chance of being returned to its owner. If you've lost a dog, visit the website of and contact the municipal shelter closest to you to begin looking for your dog. 

The Dumb Friends League Quebec Street Shelter does, however, receive lost dogs transferred from municiple shelters when the dogs require specialized medical attention that only we can provide. Therefore, please also check our lost and found pages in the event your dog may have been transferred to us after entering another shelter as a lost pet. We stay in close contact with the dog's jurisdiction so that they are aware of the dog's location and medical needs.

Castle Rock area

As a partner with Douglas County government services, the Buddy Center in Castle Rock takes in and houses cats, dogs and small mammals for the county.

Tips on reuniting with your lost pet

  • Visit the website of and contact the shelter closest to you to begin looking for your lost pet
  • Fill out a lost pet report on our website
  • Fill out a lost pet report in person at local shelters. Bring a current photo of the pet.
  • Let your neighborhood know via word of mouth, social media and through posters about your lost pet
  • Check shelters, veterinarians and neighborhood posters nearest to you daily


What to do if you find a lost pet

Thank you for taking the time to help a lost pet. See our policies above regarding the types of pets we take in by location.

Bring lost pets to the Pet Intake area of the shelter. We’ll ask you some questions about where and when the pet was found. We will also ask for a donation to help cover costs of caring for the pet. Or, if you'd like to care for the pet yourself, call the League at (303) 751-5772 and leave a "home report" with a customer service representative or fill out an online found report in case the pet's owner contacts us.