The Dumb Friends League Humane Equation

The Dumb Friends League employs a broad spectrum of strategies to reduce homeless pets in our community and to ensure that as many homeless pets as possible are reunited with their owners or placed in new homes. Growing community involvement in, and support for, our efforts has enabled the League to expand our programs and services while maintaining our commitment to ending pet homelessness and animal suffering.

During our 100-plus years of history in the Denver metro area, the community has helped us reduce the number of homeless pets entering our shelters and increase the number of pets adopted. In fiscal year 2018 we had a 100% placement rate for healthy and safe cats, dogs and horses.

To stay true to our mission, we must do the right thing for every animal we receive. Every single one—even if that means making carefully considered and difficult decisions to prevent suffering or ensure the safety of our community. We will continue to strive to find a home for every healthy and treatable animal we receive, while ensuring that we’re doing the right thing for all animals we receive.


Underlying everything we do is the compassion and talents of our board, leadership, staff and volunteers, who depend upon the invaluable relationships we have with our donors, community partners and business supporters.

For more information on the progress we’re making on behalf of animals, please see the Dumb Friends League 2018 Annual Report.

You are an integral part of the equation

It takes the whole community to create lasting change. To keep the momentum going, here’s what you can do: