About our Pets

In Adoptions, we help patrons find the perfect companion by listening with compassion to their preferences and desires, and offering guidance in choosing an appropriate pet.

Welcoming homeless pets

Every day, the Dumb Friends League receives an average of 56 homeless pets at its two shelters in Denver and Douglas County. Whether they have been found on the streets, relinquished by their owners, transferred from another shelter for care or seized by law enforcement agents for neglect or mistreatment, our goals are the same: to relieve suffering, provide loving care and help them find new homes.

How we prepare them for adoption

Evaluation – When an animal arrives and is determined to be homeless and adoptable, it is evaluated for health and behavior. If the animal is healthy and happy, we ensure that it is spayed or neutered and gets preliminary vaccinations.

Grooming – We bathe and groom cats and dogs for health and comfort at both our shelters.

Play/Exercise – While pets at our shelters are waiting for adoption, they are fed, played with and loved by our dedicated staff and volunteers, and dogs are walked daily.

Health care – If the animal has health issues, these are immediately addressed by our veterinary staff. We provide medication, X-rays, blood tests and other tests, and surgery, if needed. We have surgical suites at both the Quebec Street and Buddy Center shelters, and we ensure that each animal receives the highest standard of care.

Behavior – Pets with behavior issues, such as anxiety, fear or high energy, are enrolled in a behavior program with our behavior specialists. Using gentle, positive-reinforcement techniques, they work with the pet to address any undesirable behaviors so the pet has the greatest possible chance of being adopted.

Foster Care – Some pets have a hard time adjusting to the shelter environment. Others are too young to be adopted or need time to recover from an illness or surgery. In these cases, our devoted volunteer foster parents care for the pet in their home on a temporary basis until it is ready to return to our shelter for adoption.

Marketing – When the pet is ready for adoption, we post its picture and description on our website. We also feature adoptable pets in local media, including TV, newspapers and online publications.

We have no set time limit for how long a pet can remain in our care, and our goal is always to give each pet a second chance at a happy life in a new home. Won’t you give a shelter pet a second chance? ADOPT NOW!