Special Programs

In Adoptions, we help patrons find the perfect companion by listening with compassion to their preferences and desires, and offering guidance in choosing an appropriate pet.

The Working-Cat program

Cats that have histories and temperaments better suited to an outdoor lifestyle can be successfully placed with caring owners as working cats. These cats may live in a barn, stable or other outdoor setting where they have a “job” and a better quality of life. Some working cats are social and well-suited to a life lived outdoors or as companions to horses, making them a great addition to a variety of rural households. Others are less social and live to hunt. Tell us the type of cat you’re looking for, and we’ll find the perfect match. All working cats receive spay/neuter surgery, a microchip ID, age-appropriate vaccinations and a rabies vaccination. Learn More.

The Foster Buddy program

Some pets on our website are listed as “in a foster home” rather than in one of our shelters. These pets are ready for adoption, but are better suited to a home environment while they wait. One benefit of adopting a Foster Buddy is that the foster parent can give you firsthand information about the pet’s personality and behavior. To see them, go to the Adoption page and search the list by the location “Pets in Foster Homes.”

To meet a Foster Buddy, please call us to make an appointment at 303.751.5772.

Dumb Friends League Pet Assist Program

The Dumb Friends League Pet Assist program provides a safe place for pets owned by victims of domestic violence for temporary housing during a crisis. If you need temporary safe housing for your pet please call 303.751.5772.

Dumb Friends League Solutions ™

Solutions – Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce the number of cats on our streets and in shelters. The Dumb Friends League Solutions – Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic offers fully subsidized (free) spay/neuter surgeries and FVRCP and (age appropriate) rabies vaccinations for all Colorado cats, including owned cats, feral cats, trap-neuter-return (TNR) cats and community cats (tame or feral free-roaming cats). Anyone can bring a cat to the clinic for spay/neuter surgery, regardless of income. Learn more.

Solutions – Veterinary Hospital

The Solutions – Veterinary Hospital is a full service low cost animal hospital that provides preventive care so animals are less likely to contract diseases that cause suffering, and care for injured and ill pets. We also provide surgical care, including dental procedures, for pets in need.

Solutions – Transfer Partner program

The Dumb Friends League partners with shelters and rescues to place homeless pets where they have the best chance for adoption. We are committed first and foremost to addressing the needs of homeless pets in the Denver metro area, and secondly to homeless pets in our home state of Colorado. When we have remaining capacity after meeting the needs of Colorado dogs, we responsibly transfer dogs from organizations in surrounding states that have limited resources.

We currently work with shelters and rescue groups in Colorado and transfer partners outside Colorado, primarily in Oklahoma and Texas. Shelters in these states have large numbers of young, healthy dogs that have no adopters, so we are fortunate to be in a position to assist these partners when we have the room and resources.

As part of our overall holistic transfer approach, we recognize the need to support local programs at the source organization and community-level. A portion of the adoption fee for dogs that come from these organizations is given back to help fund spay/neuter and educational programs in their communities.