Cooper is a 9-year-old golden retriever/Great Pyrenees mix who arrived at the Dumb Friends League in the summer of 2013. His family recently moved to Denver, and while they loved him, they weren’t able to find housing that would allow dogs.

Cooper’s new human worked as a volunteer at the League and fell in love with him the moment they met. The family’s beloved dog (also adopted from the League many years prior) had passed away several months earlier, and they were looking for a new pup to join the family.

Cooper is a sweet and gentle soul who loves to be around people. He’s a sensitive guy and seems to know when somebody needs a hug. His favorite things are long walks, meeting new friends at the dog park, swimming, giving hugs and wrestling with his best friend, Koli, his family’s Plott Hound, who was also adopted from the League. Cooper has never met a squeaky toy he didn’t like!