Eric Parker

Director of Facilities

Eric Parker has more than 14 years of experience in facility operations and project management and began his facilities career at the Dumb Friends League in 2007. Most recently, he oversaw commercial assets for a mission-based real estate organization focused on meeting critical community needs. Eric is well-versed in energy efficiency and sustainability, and everyone at the League is excited to welcome Eric back as the Director of Facilities.
Originally from New Jersey, Eric is a transplant and graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. Growing up, his family lived on a small farm with a huge garden and about every form of four-legger you could imagine. His love of animals and the earth started there and continued to expand over the years.

Eric is a science geek at heart, loves learning, is passionate about the environment and is eager to find new ways to minimize his ecological footprint. His hobbies include composting, gardening, hiking, tinkering in his garage and spending as much time as possible outdoors in beautiful Colorado. On the occasional rainy Colorado day, you can normally find him watching documentaries. Other little known facts about Eric include his favorite color is green, he has a not-so-secret love of worms, and he’s a proud graduate of Denver Urban Garden’s Master Composter Program and frequently teaches classes on vermicomposting.

“I’m excited to return to a team that upholds a very high standard of performance and is committed to a mission that I’m personally passionate about,” said Eric. “I’m eager to be part of the League as we continue to expand and extend our reach to other parts of Colorado. I’m looking forward to showing the facilities team just how rewarding a career path in facilities can be.”

Eric and his wife have shared their lives with seven League alum over the years. Their current crew includes Charlie, a 14.5-year-old mischievous and still unbelievably athletic German shorthaired pointer, Kiwi, unquestionably the cutest pup the League has EVER placed, Leo, an Orange Tabby who thinks he’s one of the dogs, and two asthmatic kitties that stumbled into my office/heart back in 2010.