Laurie Peterson

Vice President of Development, Marketing, Communications and Education

Vice President of Development Laurie Peterson has 15 years of corporate experience. With a passion for animal welfare, Laurie transitioned to the non-profit sector 11 years ago, and her most recent position was at the Morris Animal Foundation.

Laurie is an animal lover and believes all creatures have a place in our world. She has been known to pull over to release a moth from her windshield wiper and pick up earthworms from the sidewalk to put them back into the grass. Having adopted shelter pets her entire life, Laurie knew she wanted to spend her professional career assisting animals and giving them loving homes.

Laurie received her bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Mary Washington and her master’s degree in nonprofit management from Regis University. She is also certified to teach and train for Carew International’s Dimensions of Professional Selling, Carew International’s Strategic Proposals and Presentations, Carew International’s Advanced Positional Selling, Acclivus Negotiations, and Bring Your “A” Game to Work.

In her current role, Laurie expects to engage, cultivate and steward constituents and support the League’s mission, as well as create new revenue streams and sustain funding for the future.

Laurie lives with her husband and two step-children and is the owner of rescued Indian Reservation Mutt, #501, Daisy Mae, who she adopted at 10 weeks. (Daisy Mae is now almost 8 years old.) In her spare time, Laurie enjoys ice climbing, kayaking, hiking, dirt bike riding, traveling, cooking and reading.