Maia Brusseau

Director of Marketing and Communications

Maia Brusseau began her career at the Dumb Friends League in 2017 as a public relations manager and is excited to start her new role as Director of Marketing and Communications.

As a lifelong animal lover who grew up with pets, Maia always knew she wanted to work with animals. She thought she wanted to be a veterinarian, but that didn’t work out in college (chemistry is hard!). When she learned about this job, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to use her extensive background in communications, public relations and marketing to help give a voice to and advocate for animals who had given her so much love and joy throughout her life.

Maia is excited to continue sharing the good work the League does every day to help animals, the people who care for them and our community. In her role, she hopes to increase awareness with long-time residents and introduce the League to those new to our wonderful state.

Petty, a League alum, and Noodle, adopted from a shelter in Florida, share Maia and her husband’s home and hearts. The two cats may not be the cuddliest, but they make the couple laugh and bring joy to their lives every day! Before then, Maia and her husband owned a cat with special medical needs for many years, so she has a soft spot for the older, special needs kitties at our shelters. Maia always encourages people to consider giving these cats a shot when looking for a new pet. She believes the love you get in return will far outweigh the extra care you provide!

In her free time, Maia enjoys getting outside, especially hiking or skiing, watching bad reality television, reading, cooking and checking out local restaurants and breweries.

One of Maia’s favorite things about working at the League (aside from taking breaks to spend time with adoptable pets), is when she tells people where she works, and they respond with “that’s where we got my first dog as a kid” or “I love the League, my pet is from there.” It’s rewarding to be part of an organization with a rich history and is well-respected in the community.