Sharon Thomas

Director of Community Veterinary Services

Initially, Sharon Thomas wanted to become a physical therapist, but she quickly realized she was more passionate about animal medicine than people medicine. Sharon began her career in veterinary medicine as a certified veterinary technician, but after she sustained a severe cat bite that caused permanent damage to her right hand, she turned in a different direction. Fortunately, Sharon remained in veterinary medicine as a manager, and she has managed general and emergency animal hospitals in both Colorado and Texas.

Sharon began her career at the Dumb Friends League four years ago and started as the outreach manager.  She then moved into the practice manager position at Solutions – Veterinary Hospital and the Solutions – Pet Resource Center before becoming the Director of Community Veterinary Services.

“I’m excited to play a key role in the direction the League has taken in working to provide access to veterinary care to those pets and people who have not had access to care previously,” said Sharon. “It is incredibly rewarding to be a part of making such a positive impact within these communities. I have managed several hospitals throughout my career, and this is by far the most gratifying work that I have done.”

Sharon enjoys reading and playing in the Colorado outdoors, hiking, rafting and skiing with her family in her free time. But, she loves the ocean and tries to get close to it as often as she can. Sharon is the human to Axel, a 5-year old rescued pit bull mix, a squishy, goofy, stubborn couch potato, and Buffet, a 3-year-old goofy looking beagle/basset mix (she thinks) foster fail who likes to sleep under the covers and snuggle.