Building a Better Way Home: Adoptions

Building a Better Way Home


adoptions kennels now

The Need

The current dog holding and adoptions area is problematic due to amplified noise in the large, open space; a kennel layout where dogs face each other, causing overexcitement and stress for some dogs; narrow walkways and cramped spaces that can frighten dogs and make cleaning difficult for our Animal Care staff; and an increased risk of disease due to the kennel design. In addition, volunteers currently must remove dogs from their kennels and walk them through the main lobby— often encountering unfamiliar animals and people—in order to meet potential adopters.

rendering of new adoptions kennels

The Solution

Dogs will be housed in rooms with natural light, improved sound control and better isolation from potential illnesses. These areas will be efficient to heat and clean and will provide peaceful places for dogs waiting to be adopted. The kennels will be designed so dogs are not staring at each other, which will reduce stress, and meet-and-greet rooms will be located near the kennels so dogs don’t have to travel far to meet patrons.

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