Building a Better Way Home: Veterinary Services

Building a Better Way Home

Veterinary Services

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The Need

The current Veterinary Services department is small and cramped. Dental surgeries and surgical prep are performed side-by-side in one overcrowded area, and critical-care cats and dogs are housed in a small space that also serves as the recovery area, increasing stress levels for all. More animals need veterinary treatment than we currently have room to treat, resulting in longer waits for surgery and extended stays in the shelter. With more incoming pets needing vital veterinary care, this problematic environment limits our capacity to serve animals in need.

rendering of new vet services

The Solution

The Building a Better Way Home renovation project will result in a larger, more efficient and more effective medical center, allowing us to nearly double our capacity to perform surgical procedures, decrease the time pets are in the shelter and adopt out healthier, happier pets.

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