Our new Cat Pavilion!

Construction is complete on our new Cat Pavilion, a 1,200-square-foot structure that adjoins our current Quebec Street Shelter adoption center and can house as many as 60 cats. The bright, cheerful facility features three spacious colony rooms in addition to its centerpiece: a large, two-story “play room” with a garage-style retractable door that opens to let the cats enjoy fresh air and sunshine from behind the safety of a screen. Patrons can interact with adoptable felines throughout the pavilion, and the cats have plenty of windows, elevated platforms, play structures and quiet spots where they can simply act like cats.

Thank you for your patience as we built this innovative addition to the Quebec Street Shelter. The new space, along with our partnerships with Petco and PetSmart, will help us meet the growing need for more adoption facilities for homeless cats. Please come meet our feline friends in the Cat Pavilion, and consider adopting a cat today. We have so many that need homes!

Why our cats are in need

Last year, we received 10% more cats than dogs at our shelters, and adult cats typically take more than twice as long as adult dogs to get adopted. Since long stays in small kennel spaces can cause stress for cats, we want to provide the best possible environment for them while they are in our care.

By creating an open environment filled with sunlight, vertical spaces and comfortable hiding places where cats can interact naturally with patrons, we can:

  • Reduce cat anxiety by providing a more enriching and comfortable habitat
  • Allow cats to exhibit their friendly, playful and affectionate traits
  • Raise awareness and appreciation of cats as fun, interesting and desirable pets
  • Increase cat adoptions
  • Decrease the length of stay for cats at our shelter

How you can help

The Cat Pavilion is being funded by gifts from a number of our generous donors. As a local, independent, nonprofit organization, the Dumb Friends League relies on donations. We are not affiliated with, or funded by, any large, national animal welfare groups.

Would you like to help our Colorado cats? Donate today.