Hi, I'm Cutty


Gender: Gelding

Color: Sorrel

Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: 22 Years

Weight: 1120.00 pounds

Intake Date: 12/17/2020

Location: Harmony Equine Center

Here is what my friends say about me:

Weight Limit: 200 lbs between tack and rider
Diet: Grass hay
Known Special Needs/Medical: Equioxx daily, possible Cushings (testing pending)

Training Level: Riding 3
Cutty is a sweet, spirited and forward older gelding that seems to know quite a bit under saddle. He has been ridden both inside and outside and shows to have a desire to work. He would be best suited for a confident, advanced beginner or intermediate rider as he tends to get hot under saddle. He has mostly been ridden in a bosal but can also be ridden in a bit. Cutty knows basic horsemanship cues and responds well to seat and leg. Come check this guy out if you are looking for a hard working partner to roam the trails on or practice skills in the arena!

*Harmony Equine Center definition of Riding 3 training level:
Rider: Horse for an intermediate rider that is comfortable at all gaits and has some problem solving skills, willing to work with a trainer if necessary.
Horse: Still in need of some training, easy to saddle, little to no warm-up needed, shows consistency, knows basic horsemanship cues.

Adoption price: Adoption fees range from $100 to $1,000. Fees are based on the training level of the equine.

Adoption prices are subject to change based on current specials.

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