Hi, I'm Mamas


Gender: Female

Color: Black/White

Breed: Pit Bull

Age: 3 Years

Weight: 61.40 pounds

Intake Date: 3/29/2021

Location: Leslie A. Malone Center

Here is what my friends say about me:

Happy and oh-so-energetic, this could be the friendliest dog ever. She wiggles and bobs to show just how excited she is to do…just about anything: greet someone, go for a walk (just who’s walking who could be in question)… get a treat, you name it. Did we mention that she’s really, really energetic? And, oh yes, really strong, too.

As a pitbull, she can live only in areas without bans on the breed. She has allergies that affect her skin and will require follow-up with a vet; check with DFL for details.

Adoption price: $125

Adoption prices are subject to change based on current specials.

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