Hi, I'm Chet


Gender: Gelding

Color: Chestnut

Breed: Akhal-Teke

Age: 20 Years

Height: 15.2H

Intake Date: 4/2/2021

Location: Harmony Equine Center

Here is what my friends say about me:

Weight Limit: 198 lbs plus tack
Diet: Timothy Hay Pellet and Senior Mash, Grass Hay

Training Level: Riding 2
Chet is a tall, dark, handsome and an Akhal-Teke! He has been evaluated under saddle as a Riding Level 2 as he understands basic horsemanship skills but can be a little pushy on the ground and in the saddle. Don’t let his age fool you, this handsome old man can still get after it! He will make a great addition to an intermediate or advanced rider looking to advance their problem solving skills. If you are interested in Chet, please call (720)626-2203 or speak with a staff member.

Training Level:

Riding 2


Horse for an advanced rider that is comfortable around horses and is proficient in training and is experienced with green horses.


Riding in snaffle, stands for saddle, basic steering/stopping/walk/trot/lope, not consistent. Generally less than 20 rides.

Adoption price: Adoption fees range from $250 to $1,000. Fees are based on the training level of the equine.

Adoption prices are subject to change based on current specials.

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For more information about this animal, call Dumb Friends League - Harmony Equine Center at 720.626.2203.