Hi, I'm Bruno


Gender: Male

Color: White/Brown

Breed: Am Bulldog/Mix

Age: 5 Years

Weight: 75.60 pounds

Intake Date: 8/3/2021

Location: Foster Friends

Here is what my friends say about me:

Bruno is an absolute lovebug who adores human attention. While we think he would be best in a quiet home with its own entrance, no kids under 10, and no other dogs, he has been so cute with adults! He is the type of dog that follows you around; if you’re pacing on the phone he’s pacing, and only stays in a different room if he’s snug asleep. He also spends half his life on his back waiting for belly rubs with a big smile on his face. If you walk past him and kneel down, he’ll drop like a sack of potatoes and rollover for a belly rub. An important consideration is being ok with Bruno being allowed on the couch and in bed. This behavior could be trained out, but his biggest joy is getting to be on the couch/bed with the human(s). He’s a snuggler and a sound sleeper, pretty much serving as a perpetual hot water bottle.

House manners are great. He’s shown no destructive tendencies at all with foster, only destroying his own toys (definitely a chewer). Bruno has been left alone, free roaming in the house, for up to 4 hours and just hangs out/sleeps. Bathroom he likes to save for walks (as opposed to backyard) but no accidents at all. Energy level is low/medium as he loves walks and throwing the ball in the backyard, but he’s not going to bother people all day to play with him, he gets his fun in short spurts.

Regarding reactivity, he doesn’t like surprises whether it be a loud noise or shadows on the neighbor’s window. He’ll bark, a bark which isn’t intimidating, but then you get his attention and he calms down quick. On walks, he’s not ready to walk past dogs on the same side of the street but otherwise his reactivity to dogs is easily distracted and he does great. Walking he likes to sniff and gets overly interested in cats under cars at night but generally is great on leash. Bruno is a ball of love that can’t wait for his new home.

Adoption price: $75

Adoption prices are subject to change based on current specials.

This pet is currently in a Foster Home. For more information about how to meet with this animal, call Dumb Friends League at 303.751.5772.