Hi, I'm Bubbles


Gender: Male

Color: White/Brown

Breed: Californian

Age: 2 Years

Weight: 4.82 pounds

Intake Date: 8/15/2021

Location: Foster Friends

Here is what my friends say about me:

Bubbles and Julian are big, curious boys that need lots of space to explore. They are shy at first, but are usually easily enticed with food (bunny treats or veggies work great). In exchange for treats, they accept scratches around the ears and shoulders. Bubbles is definitely the outgoing one. He will be the first to greet you, while Julian will be the one hanging back. They both are good about using the litter box . Bubbles and Julian do sometimes get spooked if you carry something large over or near their cage. This (or loud noises) may result in warp speed zoomies around the cage for a couple minutes until they calm down. They are waiting patiently in foster for their forever home!

Adoption price: $35

Adoption prices are subject to change based on current specials.

This pet is currently in a Foster Home. For more information about how to meet with this animal, call Dumb Friends League at 303.751.5772.