Hi, I'm Wally


Gender: Male

Color: Br Brindle/White

Breed: Pit Bull

Age: 2 Years

Weight: 61.60 pounds

Intake Date: 4/27/2022

Location: Leslie A. Malone Center

Here is what my friends say about me:

Wally is a very high energy boy. He would do well with a no-pull harness and being the only dog in the home. In addition we recommend no dog parks. We recommend an experienced owner willing to provide consistent positive reinforcement training as well as at least 2×30 minute rigorous exercise sessions a day such as jogging or playing fetch. We recommend children 10 years of age or older due to the need for consistency in training as well as the dog’s energy level. Proper mental energy outlets are important as well and can include bullie sticks, food dispensing toys, puzzle toys, a Kong with peanut butter, or clicker training. Please bring your family and any pets to meet with me.

Adoption price: $175

Adoption prices are subject to change based on current specials.

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