Dumb Friends League Puerto Rico Animal Transfer Partnership FAQs

On Tuesday, October 24, more than 100 dogs, puppies and cats were flown to Colorado from Puerto Rico.

Where the animals coming from?

The dogs and puppies are coming from two different animal welfare groups in Puerto Rico: Vieques Humane Society and All Sato Rescue.

Is the Dumb Friends League caring for all of these animals?

Forty-six of the transferred dogs and puppies and 15 cats will remain with the Dumb Friends League. Six partner shelters including Denver Animal Protection, Aurora Animal Services, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, Pueblo Animal Services, Larimer Humane Society and Humane Society of Boulder Valley will also accept these animals.

Why are you bringing dogs and puppies from Puerto Rico?

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reached out to the Dumb Friends League to ask for assistance in efforts to help homeless pets in Puerto Rico find forever homes in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

 Why are you transferring pets from out of state? What about homeless animals here in Colorado?

People in Colorado have huge hearts, so much so that there are times we simply do not have enough dogs available for adoption at the Dumb Friends League. This program gives pets – many that may not otherwise have the opportunity to find a home – a chance to quickly find loving, forever homes in Colorado.

How are you ensuring the health and safety of people and pets already in Colorado?

As with any pet, animals arriving at the Dumb Friends League from Puerto Rico will receive health and behavior assessments, be spayed or neutered and be given age-appropriate vaccinations before becoming available for adoption.

When will the dogs and puppies be available for adoption?

We estimate the dogs and puppies will be available for adoption within 3-4 days of arriving at the shelter.

How can I adopt a pet from Puerto Rico?

Check our website to see which animals are available. As with any adoption, you can call 303.751.5772 for more information about the pet, and of course, come in and visit with the animal to ensure he or she is the right fit for your family.

What can I do to help?

You can help by making a monetary donation, signing up to be a volunteer or foster parent, or adopting a homeless pet.