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Socially Conscious Sheltering Social Media Toolkit Instructions

Social media can be a powerful channel for advancing legislation, helping advocates reach target audiences with strategic messaging and visuals.

The Socially Conscious Sheltering (SCS) Social Media Toolkit is intended to do just that–help disseminate and highlight information about the SCS bill, including what the bill does, who supports it and how it will make a difference for Colorado shelters and rescue pets!

read the SCS bill

SCS Social Media Toolkit

The SCS Social Media Toolkit includes shareable resources tailored for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Legislative factsheet for HB 21-1160


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Sample Posts

Social Media Advocacy Graphics

On desktop, right click “save image as” or on mobile, press & hold until a prompt pops up and save image on your camera roll.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Posts

Facebook and Instagram Stories

Key reminders

  • Don’t forget to use the hashtag #adoptscs in all posts, regardless of the platform. The hashtag connects them across networks and allows us to easily search for posts. 
  • If you post something on Facebook, don’t be afraid to also post on Instagram and Twitter–different platforms reach different audiences. 
  • When tweeting “at” the Legislature, include the hashtag #coleg. 
  • You may also direct tweets and Facebook and Instagram posts at specific legislators–most engage on social media.