100 Pounds of Pure Love

Bruce and Buddy

Editor’s note: Bruce was transferred to the Dumb Friends League from a local shelter partner so we could perform specialized orthopedic surgery on his fractured rear leg. Our veterinary team attached an external-fixation device to his leg to stabilize and heal the fracture, and also performed surgery to repair a torn ligament in his knee. Bruce spent two months recuperating in a foster home, where he received physical therapy, before being adopted by a loving family. During his three months in our care, Bruce became a staff favorite due to his patience and gentle disposition.

We just wanted to reach out and share Bruce’s adoption story because every day we are so thankful for him and the way he has changed our lives.

Initially we came to the Dumb Friends League to “just look” at bigger-breed dogs and were toying with the idea of having some company for our little dog who we felt needed a buddy. Little did we know we would be walking out with a 100-pound black Cane Corso who had pages of medical history.

Long story short … this black Cane Corso named Bruce has become the best dog we could have hoped for. He is sweet, goofy, loving and fiercely loyal. The first couple months took a lot of hard work and patience due to his unknown history and extreme fear of everything, but since then, he has absolutely flourished.

He was at the Dumb Friends League for quite some time, so we can only imagine he had some loyal supporters. We wanted to thank you for keeping him when a lot of humane societies would have euthanized him. Thank you for not giving up on him and making it possible for him to have a second chance at a life full of love, something he so clearly did not have as a young boy.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

— Corey E.
Denver, Colo.