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20,000 reasons to register for Furry Scurry

Did you know that approximately 10,000 people and 5,000 dogs attend Furry Scurry every year? But get this, only about HALF of those people register for the event! Now we know that you’re not the type to show up to a fundraising event without registering, but if you have friends who are apt to pull such shenanigans, we’re hoping you’ll share these reasons to register with them.

1) It’s a walk (or run) in the park—literally! What better way to spend a Saturday morning than getting outdoors and getting some exercise? It’s a two-mile trek around beautiful Washington Park on May 4, and of course, your dog is welcome to join you.

2) You’re helping animals! When you register for Furry Scurry, money raised goes to help provide veterinary care, behavior training, foster care and so much more to homeless pets and horses at the Dumb Friends League.

3) It’s fun! Where else can you see a pug dressed like Yoda and retriever in a tutu? Some folks like to go all out and come up with a theme, but even if you and your pups aren’t dressed up, it’s a good time for everyone involved.

4) Did we mention that it’s dog-friendly? C’mon, we ARE the Dumb Friends League, so bring your canine companions! We do ask you leave your non-canine furry friends at home. With 5,000 dogs at the park, your cats, guinea pigs and the like, may not enjoy themselves.

5) Swag. Everyone likes swag, right? When you register for Furry Scurry, you get a cool t-shirt that will let the world know you’re an advocate for animals.

6 – 20,000) You didn’t really think this list would be 20,000 lines long did you? But there are 20,000+ adorable, furry reasons you should register. At the Dumb Friends League, we open our doors to more than 20,000 homeless pets and horses each year—young, old, healthy, ill, injured, lost, surrendered, abused or neglected, we turn no animals away. Events like Furry Scurry help us ensure each animal receives the care they need. When you register for Furry Scurry, you help make all of this possible!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit and register today! The pets and horses in our care will be forever grateful for your support.

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