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95-year-old gentleman and sweet senior kitty make perfect match

When Bob G., an animal lover and longtime supporter of the Dumb Friends League, had to say goodbye to his beloved cat K.C. (short for Kitty Cat) after 17 years, he knew it wouldn’t be long before he’d want a new companion in his life.

Bob enlisted the help of his friend Christine J., who volunteers at the Dumb Friends League, in the search for his new feline friend. With the goal of adopting a senior kitty, Christine accompanied Bob to the Quebec Street Shelter.

After meeting with a few senior cats, Bob found just who he was looking for. Sandy, a petite 13-year-old lady, instantly stole his heart—and his lap—and it appears the rest is history. Today, Sandy is settling into her new forever home with Bob where they enjoy a lovely view of Wash Park (what more could a senior kitty ask for?).

Bob expressed one concern with Sandy: Since Sandy is only 13 years old, he hopes that he doesn’t outlive the sweet tab-tortie.

Regardless of who outlives who, we just know they’ll enjoy their golden years together.

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