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A Fantastic First Year

Petco First Year Birthday Dog

An 11-year-old cat named Gretta, a special-needs dog named Herman and more than 425 other cats and dogs found forever homes during the first year of operations at our Dumb Friends League Adoption Center at Petco. Located inside the Petco store near I-25 and Colorado Boulevard, the adoption center opened on Feb. 21, 2015, and will be celebrating its first anniversary this Sunday, Feb. 21. Festivities include waived adoption fees for adult cats, 50% off adoption fees for dogs, gift bags for adopters, prize drawings and more! These specials are valid only at the 4100 E. Mexico Ave. location.

Unlike the five metro-area Petco stores that feature Dumb Friends League cats only, the adoption center showcases both cats and dogs. Staffed by League employees and volunteers, the center has large, comfortable kennels, an indoor play yard for dogs, and cat rooms where visitors can meet potential feline companions.

The Petco adoption center has introduced a new audience to the Dumb Friends League—and to the concept of pet adoption. Says Offsite Adoptions Coordinator Karissa Gerondale, “We get people in here who have never heard of us, never been to the main shelter, or think shelters are too sad but love seeing the animals in this environment.”

Karissa says cats and dogs that are anxious at the shelter often blossom at the adoption center, where it’s quieter and the smaller number of pets receive more attention. “It has been a great partnership with Petco and the Petco Foundation, and I hope it continues to grow,” she adds.


This 11-year-old cat was in our care for nearly two months before going home with Justin L., who has a soft spot for cats that are older, have special needs or have been overlooked by other adopters. Justin stopped by the Petco adoption center, where Gretta meowed at him as he was playing with another cat. “I thought about her that night and how she’d been passed up so many times,” says Justin. “The next day I went to adopt her because she’s beautiful and sweet. I’m happy to give her a good life like she deserves.”


This 9-year-old Cairn terrier was brought to our shelter after his owner was told by a veterinarian that he had just one year to live due to a serious heart murmur. Melinda K. and her son, Jeffrey, who has autism, saw Herman on our website and were informed of his prognosis. “We decided if that was true, then we would give Herman a good home for the next year,” says Melinda. Today, Herman lives happily with two other senior dogs and has received a more favorable prognosis by the family veterinarian. “Herman has given so much to us,” says Melinda. “Jeffrey has a loving heart, and adopting dogs that do not fit in and helping them succeed also helps him relate to his own experiences.”

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