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Thirteen years ago, Mary adopted Miss Maxine from the Dumb Friends League with the hope she would become a companion to Miss Bitt, a tiny kitten she found in a storm drain. The two cats were inseparable, and when Miss Maxine passed away, Miss Bitt became depressed. Mary knew Miss Bitt needed “sisters” to help her, and once again, Mary turned to the League for adoption.

“I met Miss Babe first, a tiny tabby. She crawled right up in my lap started purring, and I knew she was coming home,” said Mary. “Next I was introduced to Miss Mandie, a couple of months older, but what a voice! She sings as she walks.”

Mary is thrilled to say her family is complete. Miss Mandie and Miss Babe are slowly helping Miss Bitt, and she is no longer depressed. In fact, Miss Bitt’s new sisters keep her entertained, and the three felines enjoy each other’s company. Miss Babe and Miss Mandie sleep together and watch (but don’t visit) the birds at Mary’s Tweets Cafe outside in her yard.

“Thank you for service to friends in need of companionship and forever homes,” said Mary. “Joy is back in my home.”

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