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A homeless dog gets a second chance at a new life

Buddy arrived at the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center in Castle Rock on May 6, 2018, but his journey started long before he walked through our shelter doors. Buddy, a 3-year-old Rhodesian ridgeback mix, was removed from an overwhelmed shelter in northern Texas and made the journey to Colorado with hopes of finding a new home.

From the moment he arrived at the Buddy Center, the large dog proved that he had a gentle and kind heart. He stayed close to people, rewarding back scratches with gentle kisses and seeking out cuddles. Not much was known about Buddy’s history before he arrived at the Dumb Friends League. We could tell from his caring eyes that he was a good dog just waiting for the right person to walk through the doors at the Buddy Center and adopt him.

Buddy Meets Austin thanks to collaboration

Austin learned about the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center through an organization called Pets for Patriots. Austin knew he was ready to add another canine companion to his life after losing his dog and contacted Pets for Patriots to assist him in the process. Pets for Patriots partners veterans, active military and animal welfare groups across the nation to help place harder to adopt pets into homes. The criteria are threefold and straightforward.

  1. For shelters to be included in Pets for Patriots’ database of partner organizations, they must offer an adoption discount to veterans and active military. The Dumb Friends League offers 50 percent off adoptions for our brave citizens who have served this county.
  2. Adopters must have served in or be currently serving in the military.
  3. Pets must fall into a “harder to place” category–meaning, they might be over a certain age, have a special need, have spent a certain amount of time at the shelter or weigh more than 40 pounds.

Through the program, the Dumb Friends League is introduced to a network of compassionate adopters who are willing to care for some of our more difficult to place pets. For patriots, they receive a generous gift card and post adoption services from Pets for Patriots, including subsidized veterinary care. All these services are in addition to what the League offers all adopters. All cats and dogs adopted from the Dumb Friends League are spayed or neutered, receive age-appropriate vaccinations, including rabies, a microchip ID, a follow-up visit with a participating veterinarian and 30 days of free pet insurance from PetFirst.

It’s a win, win situation for shelters and adopters alike and one we’re proud to be a part of, serving those who have served us for so long.

The beginning of the journey for Austin and Buddy

Austin, a veteran himself having completed two, nine-month tours in Afghanistan and Kuwait, was accepted into the Pets for Patriots program. It was through their online database of partner shelters Austin first saw Buddy on the League adoption page. He knew he wanted a bigger dog that he could run with, and Buddy certainly met that criteria. Also, a sucker for floppy-eared dogs, Austin met Buddy, and the rest was history. The two are now happily enjoying the company of each other, adventuring together and spending plenty of time cuddling. Thanks to the collaboration with Pets for Patriots, these two were matched and their bond grows stronger every day.

You can learn more and apply for the Pets for Patriots program here. To see pets available for adoption at the Dumb Friends League visit

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