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A Max made in heaven

For nearly 18 years, Glenda’s rescued puppy captured her heart. Even after her beloved dog’s death, it took years for Glenda to heal enough to think about loving another one. Five weeks ago, Melvin (now known as Maximillan or Max for short) imprinted his little paw prints on Glenda’s heart.

When Glenda began her search for a new dog, she came across a picture of what she calls a “cute, scruffy, shaggy little mutt” on the Dumb Friends League website. After a call to the League the next morning to inquire about Melvin, Glenda learned that he had been on 9NEWS the night before, and there was already quite a bit of interest in him. Glenda made sure she was the first one through the doors when the shelter opened.

Much to Glenda’s surprise, the volunteer brought her a beautiful purebred miniature schnauzer. “I thought, this isn’t the same little ‘mutt’ whose picture I saw the night before,” said Glenda, “But it was!” Melvin had a bit of a spa treatment and was cleaned up and groomed for his television appearance, and it was love at first sight for Glenda.

Now, Max spends his days enjoying his new home, and Glenda continues to be surprised at his intelligence. Max has mastered the sit, lay and stay commands, and he’s also happy to shake paws with his human friends. While Max’s favorite activity is spending time with Glenda, a close second on the list is taking walks and seeing his neighborhood rabbit and squirrel friends. Don’t ask him to venture near sprinklers though. Max will happily take a detour to avoid getting wet.

“Max is such a joy. He already has me wrapped around his little paw,” said Glenda. “Max filled this hole in my heart. I may have adopted him, but Max rescued me.”

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