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Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Senior pet roxy

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and here at the Dumb Friends League we have a number of older feline and canine companions anxiously waiting to meet their new families.

Don’t let their gray muzzles and sometimes slower strides deter you; adopting older pets comes with many advantages over their younger counterparts. Simply put: With age comes experience. Take, for example, Roxy. This wee Chihuahua is 13 years’ worth of tiny adorableness. Don’t let her gray coat fool you! This little lady is a champion walker and lap snuggler extraordinaire. Also, we can tell you that she has lived well with children, other dogs and cats in the past. She was housebroken in her previous home and has earned a reputation for being an affectionate and zippy pup while at the shelter, staying true to her younger Chihuahua self. Of course, not all older pets are as spunky as Roxy; some are better suited to a life of leisurely evening walks followed by plenty of couch snuggling (sounds pretty great to us!).

Senior pet Felix

Now, let’s not forget about our older feline companions. We have amazing cats like Felix, who at 12 years old has been labeled “sleek and sophisticated.” Like many older pets, he will likely acclimate more quickly to a new home, picking up his old habits like curling up in sunbeams and being petted. Did we also mention that he has lived well with older children and dogs? Sounds like a great guy!

In addition to simply knowing more about our older companions’ personality traits, you can rest assured that what you see is what you get. With an older pet, there aren’t any questions about how big they’ll get or how often they’ll need grooming. They are typically a great match for first-time pet owners and are “move-in ready,” coming equipped with some basic training under their belts. And contrary to popular belief, old dogs (and cats) can learn new tricks! It’s never too late to start behavior training; in fact, it will help enhance your bond with your new companion.

The truth is, older pets are more difficult for us to adopt out. While they come with all these incredible benefits, many people are just more interested in kittens and puppies and aren’t aware of the advantages of welcoming an older animal into their home. Adopt a Senior Pet Month gives us the perfect opportunity to focus on helping our more mature friends find their forever families.

So next time you’re at the shelter, consider meeting with a more experienced animal. Ask about our senior pets and give ‘em a try. Just like a fine wine, some things are simply better with age!

In honor of Adopt a Senior Pet Month the Dumb Friends League is waiving adoption fees for all cats and dogs over 8 years of age during the entire month of November at the Quebec Street Shelter in Denver and the Buddy Center in Castle Rock.

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