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Bored Beagle Seeks Adventure-Lover for Shared Fun


Let’s just put it out there: Izzy is so lonesome he could cry. Or chew things. Or escape.

All of which behaviors are on his rap sheet.

But … can you really blame the guy? This handsome, slightly overweight beagle/chow chow mix is hardly a youngster—around eight, say our veterinarians—but he still needs stimulation and attention. Like exercise, head scratches, fetch …. Izzy just wants to live a little, to share an adventure with an experienced dog owner who understands that pooches need to play, and sniff the ground, and enjoy the big, wide world. If he doesn’t get that, well, he’s been known to seek his own stimulation, of the less socially acceptable kind.

Once housed in an overburdened shelter in Texas, Izzy has been in our care since March, poor lad. He’s well known to the staff of the Quebec Street Shelter, who refer to him as friendly, good-natured, happy and polite.

Calm and collected, he behaves like a perfect gentleman when meeting other dogs on walks. He’s been paraded through our lobby and he always loves meeting strangers. He relishes treats (witness his huggable middle) and shows his appreciation with abundant kisses. And who could resist those big, brown eyes?

Are you an outdoorsy adventure-lover with the time and energy to spend on this lovable pup? The word on the street is that if you take a chance on this lonely former offender, he’ll be a loyal, affectionate and enthusiastic companion as long as he lives.

To learn more about Izzy, call (303) 751-5772 or visit our Quebec Street Shelter.

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