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“Angel” Pays Pet Adoption Fees

They say that angels walk among us every day. On one recent Saturday, an anonymous angel walked through the doors of the Dumb Friends League Quebec Street Shelter and gave ten shelter pets the gift of a new home.

This angel, who had $500 in hand, was sent by her company to pay the adoption fees for as many pets as possible. With that money, she was able to pay for the adoption of seven pets—four dogs, one cat and two guinea pigs.

Once the $500 was gone, this angel wasn’t done yet. She paid for another three dog adoptions out of her own pocket. Thanks to this random act of kindness, a total of ten fortunate pets found forever homes that day.

Adopters and Dumb Friends League staff were touched by this spontaneous act of generosity. One patron shared her gratitude this way: “Today was the most amazing and special day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the amazing and loving most special lady. You have done more than you will ever know. We love you!”

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