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Summer animal adventures await at Critter Camp

Did you know the Dumb Friends League offers seasonal camps for kids and teens in support of our goal to teach children and young adults the importance of treating animals humanely, including lessons of compassion, respect and proper care for animals? One of the most consistently well-received programs is our Critter Camp.

Critter Camp is for children in third through fifth grades. Just like with traditional camps, kids enjoy games and activities, make friendships and have plenty of fun, but, in addition to everything you expect from camp, kids explore the amazing world of animals. All Critter Camps begin with an icebreaker activity, so even reluctant campers get to know one another and start to feel comfortable even if they came without a buddy. During a DFL 101 discussion, campers learn how the League fits into animal welfare, as well as why do animals end up in shelters, how we help them find new homes, and how people can help homeless pets and horses in our care. Kids learn about cat body language and how to stay safe around dogs, and they visit with these animals, as well as small mammals. A behind-the-shelter tour, crafts and games are mixed into the sessions. Is there fun? Do we need to say anything more than litter box races to pique your interest?

Camps are available at our Quebec Street Shelter, Buddy Center and Harmony Equine Center and are through our Humane Education department. Critter Camps run every week throughout the summer, and during the year, one-day sessions are offered. Visit for upcoming dates, locations and registration information.

By giving kids a rewarding experience working with animals and learning about animal welfare, they learn valuable lessons to help them make responsible decisions regarding the animals and people in their lives—and, hopefully, become pet ambassadors and advocates.

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