Apryl’s Message – VIP Spring 2019

Apryl Steele with Cat

I am honored to be asked to write the VIP Newsletter’s quarterly message. A day doesn’t go by when I am not reminded of how vital our volunteers are to the ability of the League to heal, nurture and rehome tens of thousands of animals every year. It would simply be impossible without you, and I hope you accept my sincere gratitude. I am speaking for those who cannot after all.

A heartfelt thank you is in order for Jasmin Rice who has led the evolution of our volunteer department for more than a decade. The sophisticated program that exists today is because of her extraordinary talents and engagement. Jasmin is now focusing her expertise on our special events, and it is exciting to imagine where they will go with her focused energy.

Megan Newhouse has demonstrated her leadership, kindness and competence, and we are excited to watch her guide the volunteer program into the future.

The problem with asking me to write a message is that I could write for a long time, so I am going to pick a single topic and go with it. At the request of several volunteers, I am happy to update you on the phasing of the rest of the construction project at the Quebec Street Shelter as it affects almost every team (except maybe Harmony—I will focus on something relevant to you next quarter).

In July, we are expecting the current phase (2) to be completed. At this time, we will have more than an additional 100 dog kennels and 100 cat kennels! We should be able to accept larger transfers at Quebec (but Quebec will have a new location name….to be unveiled in August). We expect to continue to accept weekly transfers at Buddy Center as well. Our transfer garage will open as will the new adoptions and pet admissions spaces.

As our admissions team moves to their new digs, the next several months will be spent building a temporary veterinary hospital space in the current pet admissions space (phase 3). Our veterinary team will move into this space while the current veterinary space is transformed into a modern-day hospital with sections for surgical procedures and for medical procedures. Solutions Veterinary Hospital and cat spay/neuter clinic are possible options for our team to use if our veterinary needs exceed this space’s capacity during this time. This process is expected to be a six-month duration.

Once the veterinary team moves into the new hospital space, the final phase (5) will create a foster space and dedicated cat and dog behavior areas. We are eagerly anticipating the construction process to be completed in mid-2020!

Thank you for making this work despite the disruption that construction brings. We have great things to look forward to in a few short months.

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