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200 days and counting … – Adopted!

Throughout the more than 200 days she has been at the Dumb Friends League, a sweet cat with an adorable purr named Baby Girl has been considered by many but adopted by none.

Baby Girl is looking for a specific type of home. For starters, she would probably do best as an only pet. We know that in her previous home she tolerated cats and hid from dogs. Honestly, she would just prefer to be your baby girl, the center of your world.

In addition to her affinity for affection, we believe that Baby Girl has a medical condition called feline lower urinary tract disease, or FLUTD. Without going into too much detail here (we can do that when you come in to meet this special lady), FLUTD is a medical condition that can cause pain and difficulty urinating and can sometimes lead to accidents outside of the litterbox. In her previous two homes (yes, she’s been here twice now), she did occasionally urinate outside of the box.

But nobody’s perfect, and this condition can be managed through proper care. Stress can cause flair-ups, meaning this adorable lady would do best in a quiet home, with plenty of sunshine, love, and attention (see center of attention note above).

Now that we’ve embarrassed Baby Girl by openly discussing her bathroom habits, we can focus on the qualities that make her special. First of all, she is ADORABLE, with a beautiful coat and unique facial markings. She also loves to be petted and will reward your affections with a gentle purr that’s hard to resist.

And, at 8 years old, Baby Girl qualifies as a senior cat. In honor of Adopt a Senior Pet Month, the Dumb Friends League is offering waived adoption fees on all pets 8 years and older through the end of November. To learn more about Baby Girl and other adoptable pets, please visit or call (303) 751-5772.

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