Batman Saves the Day

It’s hard to believe it’s only been three weeks since Batman allowed me to become his forever person. Each day brings joy and love. Each day gets better and better. Each day brings less and less hissing and growling from his new big sister, Mattie.

The hissing and growling do continue, however, because Batman thinks the best toy in the world is Mattie’s tail. If he could only get her to agree, things would really be very peaceful.

Our little Batman is quite the cuddler. He loves belly rubs and will throw himself down at your feet if it’s been too long since he’s had one. He loves bed time and most often will snuggle up under the covers.

I just wanted to give all you wonderful folks an update on how our little guy is adjusting to his new home. And I wanted to thank you all again for your help and support on January 21. That sure turned out to be a special day.

—Tania D.