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Belle the Bunny

When considering adopting a rabbit the Dumb Friends League adoption counselors will cover the basics, things like:

  • Rabbits have unique needs.
  • The bigger the living space the better.
  • Just like cats and dogs, rabbits thrive from living an enriched life.
  • They are curious and social animals.
  • Rabbits can be trained to use the litterbox
  • See more reasons why rabbits make such great companions here.

When Belle the bunny came to the shelter she needed all these things too before finding her new home. Just like any rabbit, Belle is a lot of things. Her personality shines strong, she is, of course, adorable, friendly, and her fur is so soft that you’ll just want to pet her forever – did we mention she loves to be pet?

But, what is not so obvious is that this little bunny’s journey to adoption is anything but normal. In fact, you could go as far as to say Belle the bunny is extraordinary and so is her story. So, hop on over and let us tell you the tale of the little bunny who could.

Scared, injured and alone seeking comfort and compassion

Belle arrived at the Dumb Friends League as an owner surrender and, after being spayed, it was discovered that she was suffering from an old injury to her leg that would require surgery to repair. The injury was impairing blood flow to her hip bone causing the bone to become necrotic. Now, in cats and dogs, our veterinarians would typically perform what is known as a femoral head ostectomy (or, FHO), a procedure in which the necrotic bone is removed, and the body will create a false joint to replace the removed bone mass. As you can imagine a surgery such as this is especially complicated for a rabbit for several reasons.

One of the biggest being the amount of time the rabbit needs to be under anesthesia and the challenge of supporting them during this time. In addition to simply not being able to handle the stress of anesthesia as well as cats and dogs, rabbits are often not able to be intubated during surgery making the hour-long procedure more of a challenge and requiring that they are monitored much more closely. With all this in mind and knowing this was the best option for Belle, we were up for the challenge, a challenge that would save the life and limb of Belle and increase her quality of life for her remaining years. In addition to the difficult procedure, there is the challenge of recovery and keeping limited movement in that limb to allow for healing — if you think it’s a challenge to keep a cat or dog still imagine a bunny, who quite literally needs to use her leg to hop from one location to the next.

Belle’s foster parent, an experienced rabbit owner, worked hard to ensure that Belle not only received the physical care she needed to recover but that she received the enrichment and socialization necessary for her to be successful in her new home. As it turns out, in addition to having an affectionate personality, Belle is extraordinarily smart. It wasn’t long after she was cleared from cage rest that she learned how to use her litter box and was soon kennel trained, knowing that each night that she went into her kennel on her own she would get a banana and some honey nut cheerios as a reward.

Finding the right person to adopt the bunny named Belle

With brains and beauty, it came as no surprise that is didn’t take long for this little bun to find her new people. Belle landed a home wither an ideal family who will help her continue to heal and keep her life full of enrichment and love.

If you’re interested in adopting a rabbit, visit us at, or give us a call at 303.751.5772 to learn more about rabbits we have available for adoption. We are confident that we can match you with a new bunny that will make you very hoppy … ahem happy for years to come.

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