Best Buddy Bentley

I work the night shift at the hospital and saw Bentley on the Dumb Friends League website during a break in my shift. My plan was to go home and sleep, and if Bentley was still available when I woke up in the afternoon, maybe we were a match meant to be.

I adopted Bentley the next day, which also happened to be my grandma’s birthday. He was friendly and sweet, but still very shy around new people. He loved the people at the Buddy Center, and I could tell he was a very sweet dog.

The last four months have been so wonderful. Bentley is my best buddy. He loves playing in the snow, riding in the car and going for long walks. He loves to hide under my bed and sunbathe on the porch. We’re starting obedience classes next month, and I hope to train him to be a therapy dog in the future so he can bring as much happiness to others as he has to me.

Thank you to the Dumb Friends League for loving Bentley before I was blessed enough to take him home.

— Katie D.