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Black Cats: the latest and greatest trend.

Looking to increase your social standing, need a conversation starter, want to impress your friends with your trendy style? Look no further than adopting a black cat. It really makes sense if you think about it. Their luxurious, velvety coat will go great with any outfit making them the ideal feline accessory. All of your friends will be competing at the chance to snuggle up with your cozy companion – hey, you might even meet your soul-mate and if not, well you have a cat to ease those looking-for-love blues.

Did you know that Friday, August 17 is National Black Cat Appreciation day? Of course, you did – you hip Denverite. Well, here at the Dumb Friends League we’re prepared to tell you all the amazing, wonderful and glamorous reasons you should consider adopting a black cat next time you’re looking to add a feline to your family.

Take Skittles for example. This girl is just as sweet as her name and is looking to bring the rainbow to her adopter’s home. This *ahem* big girl is a queen who would love to live life to the fullest. She’d prefer to roam her castle as a single feline basking in sunny windows while receiving her daily dose of chin scratches. She’s ready and waiting for her new home at the Quebec Street Shelter in Denver.

Or, how about Cynster. He’s available for adoption at the Buddy Center in Castle Rock and has hair for days. Don’t let this wild looking guy deceive you. He’d really prefer to be in a home filled with sunny windows where he can simply nap and hang out with his favorite person. His green eyes scream love me and me alone – his previous owner let us know that while he has lived with a cat and dog in the past he’d really prefer to be the only pet in the home.

Finally, who could forget Shadow. You literally can’t go anywhere without one, so you might as well consider adopting this special boy. This older gentleman has lived with dogs and cats in the past and despite his name his personality shines bright. Come meet him at the Quebec Street Shelter in Denver.

Don’t listen to those pesky rumors about black cats. We’ve been in the business of cats for more than 100 years and our experience will tell you that these beautiful creatures are affectionate, cuddly, smart and humorous. We could spend all day telling you all the wonderful things about them, but we think you should just come on down and learn yourself. Fill you morning, afternoon and evening with your perfect accessory of unconditional love, sweet snuggles and a lifetime of happiness.

If none of these black cats piqued your interest simply visit or call us at 303.751.5772 and we will tell you about some of their feline compadres who are waiting to change the life of person in need.

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