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“Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen”

Black lab rachel

Um, hi. Do you have a sec? If not, I can come back later. You’re good? Okay. I’ll be quick.

I’m supposed to introduce myself. I’m Rachel. They say I’m fearful. Granted, when I first arrived at the shelter, I did “belly crawl” into the examination room, hunker down and shake a little. But c’mon, people, I’d been through a lot. I came from an overburdened shelter in Texas on the first of September. The trip alone would scare a dog. And who knew what fresh ordeal awaited me in this strange, new place?

Anyway, things got better fast. Nobody hurt me—in fact, everyone was super-nice. They named me Rachel, gave me shelter and food, spayed me and enrolled me in a class called Canine Courage because I was so scared. Since I’ve been at the shelter, I’ve gone on lots of walks with kind volunteers, which I love. I really enjoy being outdoors—it calms me down.

I’m a black Lab retriever, 7 years old (hence my slightly graying face). The people here think I need a home where I’m the only dog, with no kids under 12. They say I’ll do a lot better, fear-wise, outside the shelter environment, given time and the loving care of a patient owner. I’m heartened by that, and I hope there’s someone out there who will finally give me a shot at a happy life.

I wish I could tell you what I’ve been through, but my past will forever be shrouded in secrecy. Through it all, I’ve maintained my dignity. I’m housetrained, I walk on a leash like a champ, and I dearly love having my ears scratched. Just look into my eyes and understand this: Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen, but hope rises in my heart.

To meet me in person, stop by the Quebec Street Shelter or call (303) 751-5772.

Because I’m a member of the Muttley Crew, you’ll receive $25 off my adoption fee.

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