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Bonded Pairs: Twice the Love

There are currently six bonded pairs of dogs waiting for homes at our Quebec Street Shelter—a high number considering we usually have one, maybe two, bonded pairs available for adoption at any given time. While there is no time limit for how long any pet can stay at our shelter, bonded pairs tend to be more challenging to adopt out and they typically stay at the shelter longer while we work to find a family that can welcome two dogs into their home.

Not all dogs (or cats) that come into our shelter together are considered bonded. Bonded pairs are typically dogs over 5 years old that have lived together for many years, and that show signs of stress or depression when they’re separated from each other. When pets are truly bonded, we ensure they aren’t separated and we commit to finding a loving home for both of them.

If you have room in your heart and home to make a difference in the lives of two homeless pets, please consider adopting a bonded pair. Twice the dogs equal twice the love. View our bonded pairs here or call us at (303) 751-5772 for more information.

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