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Building a healthy relationship between children and their pets

Tails That Teach is a nonprofit organization created to educate young children about kindness, compassion and empathy by bridging the gap between people and animals. The same lessons are taught by the Dumb Friends League’s Humane Education department throughout the Denver metro community, and when Tails That Teach Executive Director Lisa Wiehebrink heard about the League, she thought the two organizations would be a great fit.

Wiehebrink visited Denver with her son to look at prospective colleges/universities. She heard about the League and stopped by talk about the Tails That Teach organization. Tails That Teach is a fiscal project of OneOC and provided a grant of $770.00, which is the cost of 175 books, to the League.

“Love Me Gently, A Kid’s Guide for Man’s Best Friend,” tells the story of what happens when Cooper, a newly adopted puppy joins Henry’s family. Told through Henry’s eyes, readers learn about the everyday challenges of raising a dog, including lessons about responsibility, patience and love.

“The book introduces core values of kindness, compassion and empathy,” said Amanda Kludasch, humane education manager.

The book, which is for children ages 3 through 8 and in kindergarten through second grades in both English and Spanish, will be used for camps and classes at the Quebec Street Shelter and at the Dumb Friends League Solutions – Veterinary Hospital.

Thank you Tails That Teach for your generous donation to the League’s Humane Education team!

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