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Building a Better Way Home: the Quebec Street Shelter Project


by Robin Russell, volunteer writer

Building Excitement might be a good subtitle for this segment since we’re starting to see new areas arise where the demolition took place. In the fall 2017 VIP, Jeannie Mabey, LEED AP and project manager at the Dumb Friends League said Phase II of the project is well under way. So far that’s included the demolition of the old dog kennels, during which the construction crew hauled away 696 truckloads of dirt for reuse and 115 truckloads of metal and concrete for recycling. Other aspects of Phase II were the completion of the foundation underpinning; the start of the new foundation walls; installation of the underground plumbing for the new kennel drains and restrooms; the beginning of the new elevator tower; and the remodeling of the existing Call Center and Investigations Office to allow those staff members to move back in and Volunteer Services to transition to that area. The move in should be complete by the time you read this.

For a time-lapse view of what the paragraph above describes, watch this three-minute video.

They’re not the only areas being affected. The administrative offices underwent a much-needed makeover too. This included fresh paint with some walls done in the bright League brand colors. Next were new carpet, new cabinets and furniture in the workroom, and new cubicles for those not replaced earlier.

I interviewed Jeannie again in February for this VIP issue, and she said things are a few months behind schedule due to the underpinning taking longer than originally planned. But by now the steel frame for the new addition will be under construction. Plus, the upper level concrete flooring should be underway, with the lower level flooring to be done in late June or July. Thus, the construction of the upper level and lower levels will take place concurrently. The roof steel will be started in July/August. The plan is to be able to work on the inside before winter sets in.

Who wants to think about winter now? Let’s just enjoy the excitement of all the progress being made towards building a better way home for the animals that will be welcomed to the Dumb Friends League in the future.

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