Building a Better Way Home: The Quebec Street Shelter Renovation – Part Two

Demolition Photo

by Robin Russell, volunteer writer

I again interviewed Jeannie Mabey, LEED AP and project manager at the Dumb Friends League, for her unique perspective on the project’s progress. “Things are on schedule,” she said. Phase I is complete, and Phase II is well underway, as you’ve seen if you’ve been to the Quebec Street Shelter recently. The first component of Phase II was the demolition of the old dog adoption area. Jeannie told me the metal and concrete are being recycled, and the wood, being organic, will biodegrade in the landfill. She also said the expanded parking area behind the Memorial Garden will be resurfaced when the construction trucks no longer drive over it.

Phase II, “the exciting stuff” as she called it, will take 18 months and is when we’ll see new areas arise where the demolition took place, but not before the “underpinning” takes place. You may want to Google the term, but basically it’s “the process of strengthening the foundation of an existing building prior to construction or renovation.” More specifically, the builders will put concrete pillars under the existing foundation to prevent it from sinking when they remove all the dirt before attaching the new structure. Are you enjoying learning about construction as much as I am?
Phase II will also include:

  • Remodeling the existing Call Center and Investigations office and moving Volunteer Services into that space as well.
  • Adding the new lower level to include the Intake area with separate entrances for dogs and cats; increased holding space for both; and a new Transfer garage.
  • Adding the new upper level to include an amazing dog adoption area; flexible dog space; expanded grooming room and laundry room; a long-term medical care area (with windows) for cats; and a rooftop dog yard.

There you have this issue’s “inside scoop.”