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Buzz: On His Best Behavior

My daughter and I went to the Quebec Street Shelter in June because I saw a little red-headed kitten named Rusty on your website, and I wanted to meet him. We were told that Rusty had been returned by his previous family because of aggression issues, and that he would do best in a one-pet home. We asked to meet him anyway and were not disappointed. He had a very loud purr and was very sweet.

We decided that he had likely been taken from his littermates too soon and didn’t have time to learn manners. I have three cats and two Bernese mountain dogs—lots of critters to teach him—so I took him home to the “zoo.”

Little Rusty played and played and played until he dropped. He has no fear of the dogs and loves to swat at their tails. After a few days, he felt like he was home and loved, and he began to relax and turned on his purr motor. Now, since his motor is almost always on, he is known as Buzz. He has been learning manners and his behavioral problems are mostly non-existent.

I hope that his story will give other animals with a less-than-sterling history a better chance for adoption. We are very lucky to have him as a member of our family.

— Belynda W.

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