Dumb Friends League Breaks Ground On New Cat Pavilion

Construction of a new cat pavilion at the Quebec Street Shelter has begun. The 1,300-square-foot addition will increase the League’s capacity to house and care for homeless cats, and will be designed to allow potential adopters to freely interact with adoptable cats.

The structure will adjoin the Quebec Street Shelter’s current adoption center, located at 2080 S. Quebec Street in Denver, and house more than 60 cats at a time. The bright, open facility will feature three spacious colony rooms for cats in addition to its centerpiece: a large, “play room” with a retractable door that opens to let the cats enjoy fresh air and sunshine from behind the safety of a screen. The cats will also have plenty of windows, elevated platforms, play structures and quiet spots—features ideal for reducing the cats’ stress in the shelter while they wait for a permanent home.

“The new pavilion will allow us to comfortably and humanely house more cats throughout the year, especially during our busiest months,” said Duane Adams, vice president of operations for the Dumb Friends League.

Last year, the Dumb Friends League adopted more than 7,600 cats into loving homes. Because the number-one quality people look for in a new feline companion is personality, the pavilion will be designed to showcase cats in a way that facilitates interaction between adopters and adoptable cats.

“By providing an environment where potential adopters can play with cats or just sit and pet them, we believe many more cats will find forever homes,” said Adams.

All Dumb Friends League services will remain open throughout construction. Visitors will be directed to enter the facility through the west entrance marked “Adoption Center.”

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