CEO Apryl’s Furry Scurry Thoughts

Everyone at the Dumb Friends League is excited (and busy!) getting ready for the 26th annual Furry Scurry on Saturday, May 4 in Wash Park. This event will be the sixth for League president and CEO Dr. Apryl Steele, and we thought it would be fun to get her thoughts on random Furry Scurry-related questions.

What’s your favorite costume that you’ve seen?
It was actually one of our employees, Nate, who dressed head to toe as the Mad Hatter. I didn’t even recognize him even though I know him!

Who would you most like to walk the Furry Scurry course with and why?
My wife, Kim, because she’s wonderful.

Are you a walker or a runner?
I start off jogging and then sprinkle in a whole lot of walking.

Are you a front of the pack racer or a back of the wave lazy dog?
I always want to be in the front. The view is better!

What’s your idea of the perfect Furry Scurry weather?
I think a breezy, sunny day in the low 70s would be ideal. It also should be on the warmer side when the League team gets to the park at 3 a.m.!

What are your pre-event rituals?
The bare minimum—coffee and clothes.

Do you collect the t-shirts, or do they end up in your regular weekend rotation?
I’m not a collector of anything. The t-shirts end up in my sleep rotation.

What’s your best guess on the number of poop bags used?
Hmmmm … probably, 7,000. (5,000 dogs were registered last year, some get nervous, so …)

You’ve just finished the Furry Scurry, what are you going to do next?
I’m going out to unwind, play trivia and eat the spiciest food possible with cold beer.

What does the Furry Scurry mean to you?
It’s so special to see people come together in our community to show that animals matter, and to support the League’s work so that animals don’t suffer.

What do you enjoy most the day of the event?
I love hanging out with the 9News crew on the podium, cheering participants on and telling them how beautiful they are!

We hope to see you at Wash Park on May 4th! Be sure to give Apryl a wave when you pass the start line!