Chief Of Her Heart

I adopted Chief, a greyhound/shepherd mix, from the Buddy Center when he was 10 years old; he is now 12. I was drawn to the vacant look in his eyes. His previous owners said he became small-dog aggressive, so I took my small cocker/beagle mix, Russell, for a meet-and-greet. Chief was withdrawn and barely responded, but Russell took to him immediately, so I brought Chief home.

It has taken Chief time to believe that someone cares, but now the withdrawn, vacant look is gone. He sleeps on my bed at my feet and still whimpers when sleeping unless I am touching him or call his name; it makes me wonder about his past.

Chief has three beds, one couch and four dog beds to choose from (he rotates), has become best buddies with Russell, loves his walks, gets great ratings from his groomer, and loves the organic, home-cooked food he gets as snacks. He learned to use the dog door immediately, and squirrel watching in the back yard has become a favorite. Chief likes soaking up the sun on my deck, and to my surprise loves watermelon.

This once-sad dog has become excited about life again. Animals are a lifetime commitment, so he will stay with me until the end of his days. Thank you, Buddy Center, for this wonderful addition to my life!